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Ahh, the weather is starting to get warmer, you may be dreaming of days on the beach or that far away vacation. Fast forward, and it’s already summer. If summer bbq’s and those celebratory cocktails have sent you into a tailspin you may be thinking of hitting the re-set button to stay motivated and fit. Whether you are planning ahead to get in shape for a Fall race or looking for a great way to get into a fitness routine, our team has a 3 ½ month virtual challenge from now until November 30 to hit the spot!! We’ll take you from Paris to Bordeaux-mon dieu! On this virtual trip we’ll indulge you by sharing some of the most stunning destinations and keep you motivated as you log your miles with tracking along the route that will advance you in real time.

Your 495-mile journey begins appropriately at the Arc du Triomphe and finishes at the dramatic fountain statue in Bordeaux known as the Monument aux Girondins. In between you’ll pass historic sites, palaces, gardens, and a grand chateau or two and much, much more. You won’t be alone. All participants are welcome to become part of our amazing private Facebook group. Logging in miles is so much more fun with a community of like-minded individuals that are setting goals, and making fitness a natural part of their summer vacation.

Not up to 495 miles? No worries, you can choose the distance that best suits you from 100 miles to 495 miles. This virtual challenge is all inclusive whether you run, walk, hike, bike, swim, or row. You get the idea. There is a conversion chart for just about every discipline. You can participate solo or grab a friend or two and join as a relay team. What are you waiting for? Come join us. The adventure begins on August 9 and continues through November.



  • An interactive tracking system that shows your advancement along a map of France from Paris to Bordeaux.
  • (7) mini mileage challenges with completion badges that are fun and keep you fit
  • Digital images sent your way as you pass all the amazing points of interest along the route
  • Earn digital mileage badges to flaunt to your friends
  • Downloadable event bib
  • An awesome custom finisher’s medal.
  • Exclusive access to the France to Bordeaux Facebook group
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